Ancient Route

The Way of Charlemagne: from Lake Iseo to Ponte di Legno

A legendary route runs along the entire valley, from the lake to the Alpine passes, constituting an authentic Camuno path.

The route starts in Lovere, a town overlooking Lake Iseo, and ends in Ponte di Legno, near the Tonale Pass. It covers about 100 km and is divided into five stages. Boario Terme is the arrival of the first stage and the departure of the second.

The Way takes its name from a 15th-century legend about the sovereign’s passage through the Camonica Valley. Charlemagne crossed the entire valley and conquered the castles of the local lords, forcing them to convert. To celebrate his victories, the sovereign had numerous  built, sometimes over the ruins of previously destroyed castles.

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At Boario Terme and Edolo the Way of Charlemagne intersects with the ancient Via Valeriana.

The Ancient Via Valeriana

The origin of the term ‘Valeriana’ would date the route back to Roman times, built in the 3rd century at the behest of Consul Gaius Publius Licinius Valerianus. Another hypothesis has the name derived from ‘Vallesiana or Valleriana’, a term indicating a route that winds through a valley. The same term is also found in Valtellina and other mountain areas.

The Antica Via Valeriana runs along Lake Iseo and the Camonica Valley. The route starts in Pilzone d’Iseo and reaches Edolo where it splits into two sections, one towards the Aprica Pass and one towards the Tonale Pass. It covers about 140 km and is divided into 9 stages. Boario Terme is the finish of the second stage and the start of the third.

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The Via Decia: The Path of the Ironwoods

A valley, a river, a path.

Ninety-five kilometres of paths in five stages, immersed in hectares of forest and villages that tell of centuries of coexistence between man and the environment. A millennial history in the sign of iron ore, mined in these mountains since the time of the ancient Romans.

In 2023, one hundred years after the Gleno disaster, La Via Decia – Il Cammino dei boschi di ferro is born.

A project desired by the CAI to open the Scalve Valley treasure chest to beauty seekers. A gem of the Lombardy Pre-Alps, set between the Camonica Valley and the Seriana Valley, a few kilometres from Lake Iseo.

A journey in the shadow of the Presolana massif, in the sign of nature, culture and that richness that germinates when people walk together.

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