Safe Holidays

We want your holidays to be relaxing, pleasant and especially safe,
that’s why we thought about how we can offer you the same hospitality,
with a little more foresight.

At the entrance of the rooms, a dispenser will always be available for you to disinfect your hands. The hotel reduced its capacity in order to allow more space for everyone.
Breakfast will be served at the table or it will be possible for you to access the buffet wearing disposable masks and gloves we will provide.

Check-in and check-out
Hospitality has always been the basis of our service and the arrival moment is an important meeting point. We will not shake your hand, for your and our safety, but we will try to make you feel our sincere smile through our eyes, behind the masks.
If it is possible, in order to avoid physical contacts as much as possible, send us your identity card via email or proceed with online registration through the online check-in procedure.
Keep with you the key that we will give you for the entire duration of your stay, at the end of each stay it will be completely sanitized.
Check-out will take place regularly at the reception counter respecting proper safety distances, we will always use gloves and masks.
You can pay using cash or credit cards.

Sanitation of the rooms
Hygiene and cleaning standards have always been extremely important to us. We are implementing additional measures to ensure the safety of our guests and employees. The rooms and bathrooms are sanitized with virucidal products and cleaning cloths are changed room by room. We are taking care of the disinfection of objects that are touched more frequently such as handles, remote controls and elevator buttons.
After the departure of the guests, the rooms will remain closed for a couple of days in order to guarantee a better general sanitation of the room, mattresses, pillows etc…

Family holiday
Family members living together can keep doing so even on vacation. They can have lunch, dinner together and take the same lift.

Duties of the guests
In order to all enjoy a peaceful holiday, we will also need your help.
In case of symptoms, even mild ones, please inform the reception by phone and we will take all the necessary measures. Regarding the routine, we are all aware of the importance of washing our hands frequently and wearing masks (it is not necessary inside the restaurant, but it is indispensable when in proximity to people who are not part of your family).
We ask you to keep your distance from other people, always keep the room key with you until the end of the stay and not to use the lift with people who are not part of your family.
If you need gloves and masks, contact the reception.


Leave it all behind…
But keep your smile (Sorriso) on.

Famiglia Gheza