Spas and Thermal Cures

From Monday, May 15th, the Boario Terme Thermal Baths will reopen.

A complete thermal wellness experience based on a century-old tradition and oriented towards the development of health and environmentally conscious tourism.

For more information about the 2023 Thermal activities, please visit the website of Terme di Boario.

The four waters of Terme di Boario are true sources of well-being, whose beneficial action alleviates in particular digestive and hepatic disorders, easily attributable to the stress and tensions of daily life. The precious qualities naturally reside in the Alps that surround the Valle Camonica, which allow the waters to differentiate by concentration of mineral elements, a characteristic that allows for different therapeutic uses of prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Drinking these waters and enjoying the nature of the Thermal Park that surrounds the sources is ideal for those who lead a hectic and intense life, appreciating the benefits day after day, throughout the year.

Essential Source is the natural mineral water Antica Fonte, which springs from the Terme di Boario in Valle Camonica, at the foot of Monte Altissimo. It is rich in sulphates and magnesium, has a high calcium content (75% of the recommended daily dose in one liter of water), ideal for bones, and is particularly suitable for low-sodium diets.

This water has been recognized by the Ministry of Health with DM no. 3239-036 of 30.12.99, which attests that it can have laxative and diuretic effects and exert a favorable action on hepato-biliary functions.

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The history of Terme di Boario and its traditions span three centuries.

Although the therapeutic properties of thermal springs have been known since the fifteenth century, it was at the end of the eighteenth century that the construction of the Boario Casino began, a place where “healthy magnesia and vitriolated iron waters” were administered. Thanks to the triumphant fashion of “taking the waters,” in the second half of the nineteenth century, Boario Terme became an “outdoor salon”, a place of care and social gathering for the wealthy city bourgeoisie. It was precisely in this period of the century that Antica Fonte water appeared in the shops of Milanese pharmacists, welcomed as a real panacea, so much so that one of its best-known admirers was Alessandro Manzoni, who had the opportunity to personally appreciate the extraordinary healing power of our thermal waters.

The excellence of Terme di Boario is confirmed by the Ministry of Health, which has recognized it as a “Super National First Class” for the quality and specificity of the services offered, the characteristics of the treatments, and the benefits induced by thermal therapy.

For over three hundred years: “Boario water, centennial liver!